walt disney world

Are you wondering where to head to for your next family vacation? Do you have kids who are fond of Walt Disney? If you do, then Disney World would be the best choice.

The said theme park is very popular, that is why millions of people go to this place yearly. With that said, you can already tell that this tourist attraction is packed everyday. When is a good time to go? You need to check out the best Disney World crowd calendar so you know what to expect in a certain time of the year. This will definitely help you decide as to when you and your family will go there and have fun.

How to Get There

First and foremost, you have to think about how you can get to Disney World especially if you are not from Florida. Depending on where you are from, you may need to book plane tickets for you and your companions.

It is highly recommended that you make the necessary bookings or reservations even a couple of months before your actual trip. This is the key to saving money on air tickets.

If you are in the state of Florida, you can just use your own vehicle to get to Disney World. Make sure that you get a clear map especially if this is your first time to visit the park.


passesSince Disney World is so huge, you can expect that there are tons of attractions that you can go to. In order for you to make the most out of your time, it would be good if you get the so-called “FastPass” so you will no longer have to wait for a very long time to enter the attraction that you wish to see and experience.

You can get the FastPass by booking online or using a mobile app. If you plan to check in at the resort’s hotel, the front desk can also definitely help you out in getting the passes that you need. Another way to get it is by simply going to the kiosk at the theme park itself.

Make a List

Even before you go to Disney World, it would be a good idea to make a list of all the attractions that you want to go to so you can already plan your day. This will certainly help you save time.

If you have an itinerary, everything will be more organized since you will know where to go to next. When making a list, though, be realistic on the schedule. Make sure that the amount of time that you allot for each attraction is really doable.