Top Things To Know About Whale Shark Tours Exmouth

Whale shark tours Exmouth have gained immense popularity as more people are becoming fond of this form of tourism. To enjoy the most thrilling and exhilarating experience when swimming with sharks, you need to do your homework on what to do or not do during these tours. For starters, it is worth noting that whale
sharks are not whales but are a species of shark. They are the largest types of fish in the waters. Here are a few things to note about whale shark tours.


These Tours are Safe

Since whale sharks do not feed on humans, you do not need to worry about being eaten by these fish. Additionally, the fish have very tiny brains and hence do not have an interest in anything else apart from food. These sharks are filter feeders and have tiny teeth that do not pose any safety hazard to the swimmers. They mostly feed on small fish, plankton and krill but even so, it is advisable to keep off their mouths anyway even if they do not bite.


Follow Swimming Guidelines

In any form of adventure, it is critical to ensure that you follow the guidelines and rules set in place for swimming with these sharks. Most companies that offer whale shark tours Exmouth have set instructions that should be followed by swimmers when in the water. For instance, swimmers require maintaining a distance of two meters from the shark’s head and up to four meters from its tail. In addition to this, you should not feed the sharks especially considering that their throats are golf ball size. Feeding these fish can be harmful to them especially if fed on the food that they do not eat.


Dress Appropriately

For people who are new to this form of adventure, it is necessary to plan and organize themselves in advance. The basic form of this preparation includes dressing appropriately. For starters, swimmers should bring comfortable swimming costumes, eye protection, and other forms of protection such as sunscreens. You can also carry a camera to capture the magical scenes underneath the water when swimming with these amazing creatures. Some tour organizers may have provisions and requirements on how swimmers should dress. Due to this, it is crucial to check with the service providers on their needs on issues such as dressing and items allowable in the water.


swimming in bikini

Hire a Swimming Guide

Unless you are seasoned and experienced whale shark swimmer, it is advisable to hire a swimming guide to swim alongside you. The experience and skillfulness of these guides goes a long way in guaranteeing that you enjoy the most thrilling and exciting swimming experience. The guides also possess knowledge of the best areas for whale shark tours Exmouth. What is more about the guides is that they will instruct you on how to behave around the fish so as not to scare or provoke them.


When swimming with whale sharks, you will learn fascinating facts about these amazing creatures. This will go a long way for people who are enthusiasts of understanding marine life. It is also a fun family event that you can use for bonding with your loved ones.…